Industry: Business

Store owner create account and manage their store data, offer, stamp(point) and users. App helps store owner to know their customer more and provide an offer that helps them to create repetitive customer.


  • Platform: iOS, Android
  • Language: Obective C, Java
  • Architecture: MVC

Type of Services

  • Loyalty app which represents brand, a store, a restaurant, bar, etc
    Customers can receive a point or stamp on that loyalty card after a purchase.
    They receive a point by scanning a unique QR code of that store that the cashier holds. Every QR code is unique and can have a certain value.
    PRO feature, where customers can receive points using bluetooth or POS connection.
    When customers reach a certain amount of points they can redeem those points and receive a discount or incentive from that particularly place.


IOT based application was to be developed, but the competitive issue in this development was the usage of multiple types of custom Beacons and QR codes along with Geo-fencing technology and for the purpose of organizational branding and providing promotional discounts to the customers.
Additionally, client wanted multilingualism to be integrated in to the system for all kinds of users accessing the application.



ManekTech’s developers not only accepted the challenging task but also were successful in developing IOT based mobile application which worked as platform for promoting business organizations & their products so as to increase their sales or public awareness by providing specific number of custom-made tokens based on amount of purchase done by the customer.
For customers it was beneficial as a e-wallet to collect promotional tokens store/brand wise and once collected a fixed number of tokens then they could use them for availing discounts offered by the business organizations.
Along with this we facilitated customer a functionality of wallet sharing in which they were able to share their tokens with their family and friends.
Key Points

  1. QR Scanning
  2. Dynamic Beacon Integration
  3. Loyalty Points
  4. Organization Branding




ManekTech reached a new level of being environmentalist by developing this application as the organizations who used to promote their brands by using coupons made up of paper stopped it and started this application for promoting their product.
Brand Loyalty Application has reached 15,000+ downloads with a rating of 4.0/5.0

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