HealthCare Application Development

Healthcare Web Application, entirely user friendly, specifically designed to feel like you are shopping on one of your favorite online stores. A Healthcare digital innovation is of no use until & unless we can utilize it for the human well-beings..

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Education CMS Website

A USA based client wanted to build a website where they can provide a platform to display training reviews and trusted statistics written by fellow professionals that helps user decide which training provider is best..

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Real Estate Website Development

A real estate digital marketing agency offering photography, aerial video, social media, virtual tour website Designing & Development.Building Real Estate website where they can provide a digital experience as the new standard for Real Estate Marketing..

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Dual Song Player Mobile App

Music player app that displays two music player to the user on the main screen, Both players will play the different song in each of the ear pieces, left or right. The user can switch the player earpiece and also select the different song for each player..

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