IOT Loyalty App

Store owner create account and manage their store data, offer, stamp(point) and users. App helps store owner to know their customer more and provide an offer that helps them to create repetitive customer..

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e-Commerce Website

The website is designed for the client showcase his smoothies in the beautiful way, but also helped him drive more traffic to the website.The website loads fast and is designed in an effective way that it gains visitors' attention at the first glance..

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Brochure Designing Website

A well-designed brochure is very much a collectible item, not only for its captivating visual effects, but for the loads of product-specific information featured in it..

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Real Estate Web Application

Real Estate Web Application should act as a Bridge between Landlords, Realtors and Buyer/Tenants which is highly beneficial to clients who are looking to buy, sell or make an investment in the property..

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